La Llegada de la Lluvia

by Alex on May.04, 2009, under Blog

The arrival of the rains

I knew that it would rain soon as people have been banging on about it for a while. It is hot here, which is commented upon many times a day – it’s not just us Brits that like to talk about the weather! I had no expectations as to what might happen when the rain started, that is to say that, although I knew that rain was due, I’d not given any thoughts as to the how it might show it self, save of course from simply falling from the sky.

I imagine that had I been safariing some parched African plane I might have put some thought into the coming of the rains, probably in Attenbroughian style, knowing that the now arid landscape would soon be transformed, almost overnight, into a scene of rank fecundity. But, as I’ve said, I’d put no thought into it.

So I’m in bed and get woken at about 4:30 by the sound of sweeping. Although odd to be doing housework at that hour, I didn’t give it much thought – lots of odd thing happen here. Well, I guess they’re just odd to me. Anyway a knock on the door sees me getting out of bed fashioning some kind of impromptu skirt from my sheet so as to protect my dignity and standing up to find my self in about 1/2 an inch of water. My first thought, not that I was thinking particularly quickly at that hour, was that there’d been some kind of toilet-based issue and that on turning on the light I’d find myself slopping through human excreta and that – nice! The fact that I couldn’t smell anything untoward didn’t really register as, as I said, my brain wasn’t being particularly effective. So I open the door to find Chagua, my Nicaraguan mum, sweeping water out of the front door. The rains have started she told me.

For many of you reading this there are two main parts to your house, apartment or wherever it is that you may live: the inside, and the outside. It’s different here. It’s quite normal to have some outside on the inside of your house. As I said, lots of odd things happen here. I’ve no idea why it is. OK, your roofing costs are less, granted, but then you introduce the security issue that someone can simply walk across your roof and jump down into the outside inside bit of your house, take two steps to the inside bit of your house and rob your stuff. Maybe it’s a lighting feature, or to promote airflow, I think I’ll ask.

So what had happened was that the large drain thing, presumably there for the removal of water when rain falls on the outside inside, was covered, and so we suffered this inundation (which interestingly means flood in Spanish rather than an ingress of your chosing).

I spent about an hour helping Chagua sweep and mop out the house, thankful that most of my stuff had been on a bed rather than on the floor, watched a guy pull up in a pickup at about 5 am with two churns of raw milk on the back and shout ‘la leche’, loudly – sure all the neighbours loved that, was glad that I’d not been asleep.

And that was that, the arrival of the rains. It’s still bloody boiling here though, I’d hoped that the rain might actually cool things a little!


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