Barney, and his life in poetry

by Alex on May.25, 2009, under Blog

He introduced himself as Barney. I’d arrived back at Hotel Paraiso Tropical in Alajuela and he was the newest resident, planning to settle here for a few months. ‘What will you be doing here?’ I ask, ‘writing a book’ replies Barney.

And he has much to write about – the horrors of Vietnam and its ever-lasting effects on him; an abusive father whose apology to his family was to shoot himself in the head; being sexually abused as a child; the one and only (to date) love of his life; having several business successes, and failures; a loving yet sometimes misguided mother who died of cancer; dealing with his alcoholism; holding a gun to his own head then firing its only bullet through the bedroom door on hearing his mum telling him not to kill himself; a vivid dream in which his life’s love guided him through all the previous scenes; living in a homeless veterans shelter for two years just prior to retiring to Costa Rica; and waking up on the morning of his birthday in 2006 being bombarded with thoughts and images which he’s now turned into a book about his life, in poetry.

It’s not hard for him to write, it’s all simply in his head and flows forth when ever he puts fingers to keyboard – a poem for each experience. The review copy is pretty much done, written in about six weeks. He’s going to get it printed, bypassing publishers and send it out to a pretty high-profile list of reviewers. Barney knows that he has something that people will want to read, something from which people can learn, learn from his mistakes and the mistakes of those who have brought misery and hardship to his life. All in poetry.

He’s already decided on the titles of his next five books and will write then here in Costa Rica. Once the money comes in he’ll buy some beautiful tropical land on the coast and build his perfect home in which he can write to his heart’s content.

Barney’s read some of his poetry to me. It’s touching and invites the reader to reflect on how they’re living their life, I can’t share any with you but am looking forward to the book being published.

Best of luck Barney!

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