A whole lot of nothing

by Alex on Jun.24, 2009, under Blog

Is kinda what I’ve been doing of late, whilst all around me have been involving themselves in activities such as rafting, swimming in waterfalls, horse (back, for the Americans) riding, paragliding, SCUBA diving and sitting on beaches.

It seems to me that whilst traveling, so many people busy themselves almost 24 hours a day without much time relaxing, reading, exercising, even just taking time out to contemplate.

I’ve been quite happy doing little since we left Bogota. Well, I say little but I’ve actually been spending lots of time on my computer…

A mate of mine that I’m traveling with is doing so with a mankini, having been challenged by mates at home to get picture of him wearing it in every country he goes to. If you’re not sure what a mankini is then you’ve not seen Borat (the film) and you’re missing out on a treat! Below is a picture so that you know what I’m referring to:


We thought that we’d open this challenge to the world and so I’ve been working on the International Mankini Challenge website for the last little while. The idea being to get people to send in pictures of them in mankinis from all over the world with the aim of eventually getting one from every country.

It’s taken a while to build as there was some issue with running WordPress (the blogging software I use) with 1&1′s servers (the hosting provider that we’re using). But after a lot of rebuilding and arseing about (including lots of invective) and the eventual adding of one teeensy little one-line file, she is now up and running complete with a map of countries mankinied so far, list of those to do, link to buy your own mankini and of course, picture gallery. I’ve spent 1/2 of today trying to add a plugin that would allow people to send mankini e-greetings cards from the site, but it didn’t work – oh well.

So, get involved at, join in the challenge, send the link on to friends, spread the mankini love…

Sexy time!


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