Go home guinea pig

by Alex on Jun.28, 2009, under Blog

Right, I’ve no idea of the name of this ‘game’ in Spanish so we’ll just call it as above.

It’s pretty entertaining to watch though, probably more so than watching morris dancing is for visitors to the UK – thankfully it’s highly unlikely that your average tourist would randomly happen across our stick hitting with bells whilst dressed as an elf traditional ‘dance’.

So, we’re wandering through the old district of Bogota, taking in the majestic buildings and marveling at the number of different agencies that have an armed presence in the streets (I’m sure I counted at least 7), when we spot what look like a load of up-turned dog bowls arranged in a line. And a guy with a radio headset and loudspeaker chatting about… something.

On drawing nearer it became obvious – ah, of course, they’re playing go home guinea pig!

‘Pray tell, what is this oh so new and interesting game?’ I hear you all ask. Well, it goes like this:

The guinea pig tamer slash ringmaster says lots of stuff in Spanish whilst the little guinea pigs hang about sniffing and waiting for the off. The punters, clearly stirred by the majesty of the fine beasts and quivering with the anticipation of winning a small fortune, boldly step up to the dog bowls placing their bets (typically 200 pesos, about 8 US cents) atop the bowl of their choice. The dog bowls are all numbered and have little guinea pig-sized holes in the side and when enough money has been committed, the action begins.

The guy then chooses a worthy steed who on cue runs towards the dog bowls, sniffs around a bit popping it’s nose into a few bowls as if to tease the onlookers and eventually settling on it’s new home, going in and presumably going to sleep. Anyone lucky enough to bet on the correct upside down dog bowl leaps with glee as they collect their 800 pesos (24 cent) winnings – brilliant.

Check out the pics below:


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