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Let me google that for you

by Alex on Oct.02, 2009, under Blog

How many times do people ask you questions that can be answered with a simple websearch? Loads I’d warrant. I find it particularly odd/lazy, especially in and office-based situation, when it would have taken less time to google your question than to ask someone else and have them google it and give you the answer.

Anyway, here’s a particularly banterous way to deal with mundane questions and to unsubtly hint to the questioner that they might not waste your time and find the answer themselves:

Let me Google that for you (dot com)

Type in the question they’ve asked, copy the link that is generated by the site and e-mail it to them. The page they’re taken to shows their question being typed into Google and then takes them to the search results – brilliant.

Interestingly, well to me and maybe other linguaphiles (can’t find that word in a dictionary by the way) I’d written ‘find the answer themself‘ above. Apparently ‘themself’ is not good use of English, details of which are below:

Ask Oxford

Language Log

Canadian Department of Justice

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