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by Alex on Jan.13, 2010, under Blog

It recently dawned on me that aside from it being clear from my posts that I’m in Colombia, I’ve never coherently elaborated upon what I’m actually up to, so, here we go:

After six years of London-based corporate whoredom (pros as well as cons of course), in October of 2008 I quite literally set sail for Australia. I bought a boat with a friend and a friend of his, called her Questionable Logic based on planning to sail across both the Atlantic and Pacific in a grand prix racing yacht (she wasn’t designed for cruising) and embarked on The Long Sail Under. After 5 months of living on a 42′ boat, my friend and I decided to foreshorten our trip and left the boat in Panama. During the last few weeks on Logic I got quite excited at the prospect of returning to Latin America. I’d travelled from Guatemala to Argentina in 2001/2002 and loved it. I’d oft dreamt of coming back and had, actively from time to time, fed my hispanophilia through reading Spanish books, seeking out Spanish speakers with whom to chat and eating tapas. Hmm not sure that that last one counts…

As I travelled Central America I became more and more convinced that I wanted to do business here (somewhere in Latin America that is). I met a guy who opened a bar in Nicaragua with a small amount of cash which made the prospect more tangible for me and later toyed with the idea of running a passenger boat from Panama to Colombia – the well known San Blas to Cartagena route. I then heard from many fellow travellers of the wonders of Colombia, I was initially surprised as to how many people were travelling here as when I was here in 2002, taking a bus from one city to the next involved a high risk of armed hold up and potential kidnap. Excited at the prospect of being able to return safely to Colombia, I arranged to fly from Panama to Cali to travel with Mankini Malph, a mate of mine from uni who happened to be here at the time.

Aaand a short while into my tour of Colombia I decided that this was to be my new home and place of business. ‘Megadiverse’ Colombia is an amazing country from her alive and culture-filled cities to the loud and bright Caribbean with its contrastingly peaceful and stunning beaches; from her cool green mountains to the Amazon that I’ve yet to visit. There are 80 indigenous languages actively spoken here and 20% of the species of the world’s birds can be found here; I’ve heard that there are about 60 traditional styles of dances (but have found no evidence for that) and one day I’ll get ’round to counting how many festivals there are – they love to party here. Most special to me is the friendliosity of the people, their eagerness to chat to you, welcome you to their country and show her off to you as well as being generally interested in you and where you’re from and not infrequently why on earth you want to move to and invest in Colombia.

I’ll leave the answer to that for a later date at it’s 01:30 ish, I’m getting tired and this post is getting long. Hasta la vista…

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