Extending tourist visas in Colombia

by Alex on Apr.26, 2010, under Blog

Extension of tourist visas is administered by the DAS (Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad). My understanding is that one is entitled to stay in Colombia as a tourist for six months per calendar year but from experience DAS will only grant up to six consecutive months.

Each time your extend your tourist visa you need to pay COP 72,800 (you do this at a bank, details below), whether you are granted a 30, 60 or 90 day extension is up to the discretion (or lack thereof) of the official that you deal with. DAS in Bogotá have recently been issuing 60 day extensions without question.

The first time you apply for an extension you need to present the following at a DAS office:

  • Completed tourist visa extension form (download here)
  • Photocopy of the photo page of your passport
  • Photocopy of your entry stamp into Colombia
  • A 3 x 4 cm photo with a white background
  • Receipt of payment of visa extension fee
  • Your passport
  • You will need to include on the form the name and address of a Colombian who can act as a reference. After submitting the above you’ll have your fingerprints taken. For all subsequent extensions you only need to provide receipt of payment, as well as your passport of course.

    You can make your payment at any branch of Davivienda or Bancafe (banks).

    Below is an example of how to fill in the pay-in slip, note the price has increased (click to enlarge):


    For tourist visa extensions in Bogotá you need to go to the DAS office in Edificio Platino at Calle 100 number 11B-27 (Tel: 601-7200), it’s open Monday to Thursday from 07:30 to 16:00 and Friday from 07:30 to 15:00.

    From the centre, a cab will cost less than COP 10,000. You can also take the transmilenio (big red bendy bus system with dedicated carriageways) from Museo del Oro to Calle 100 for COP 1,600. The quickest transmilenio bus to get is the B74, other B busses will get you to calle 100 but will make more stops. From the calle 100 stop you can either walk, take a local bus or a cab for the 10 or so blocks east (towards the mountains) to the DAS office.

    Take a book, sometimes it can take 7 minutes, other times 3 hours…

    Cheers, Alex


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    • Dave

      Thank you! Most helpful.

    • paul

      This has been really helpful–thanks Alex!!

    • Alex

      Glad to be of help guys, just need to find a copy of the extension form to upload to make it extra helpful. Alex

    • George

      Thanks for the information. I went to DAS this morning and just submitted all the documents you mentioned. Theyre so friendly over there. They taught me some spanish words and I just waited for about 30 minutes. The officer then called me, smiled, and gave me 60 days extension. No hassle.

    • meg

      hey – I have got extensions easily, thanks to this website – so cheers
      - now i have a more tricky question. I have been granted an extension till June 6. I have a job for a month leaving from here on May 3, and i want to return afterwards – when i leave on May 3, does my month that remains(out of 6months) go on hold so i can use it when i come back
      - or will i be told to go away when i fly in on june 16?

      • Alex

        Hi there, sorry not to reply before, I didn’t get an email notification that you had commented.

        You exit stamp SHOULD prove that you have had fewer than your six months here, then again, we are in Locombia and you never know what will happen. My first visa said I was Aussie (I’m British) and my second says it is valid for 2 years when that type of visa is valid for only one. I’ve heard of people overstaying for a year and being fined something silly like $50.

        Were I you I’d take the Colombian approach and not worry, about anything…

    • Rose

      Thanks so much for posting this information!

      P.S. I love this advice:
      “Were I you I’d take the Colombian approach and not worry, about anything…”

    • Zoë

      Hi there,
      The required documents have actually changed slightly: the photo must be on a blue background, and they give you the form when you arrive at the office. The price is also now 75050COP, and the bank must be Banco de Occidente.
      I detailed my experiences on my blog:

      Thanks for this website, it’s been really interesting reading :D

      • Alex

        Thanks Zoë. Are you the Zoë I met at John’s party on Saturday night?

        I’ll make the relevant updates.

        The idea with providing the form on the site is that people can print it, fill it in etc., go to the bank the day before and turn up early doors at the DAS, as DAS opens before the banks.

        I used to spend a lot of time on the site but now mostly work in the pub, maybe one day I’ll get the time to get back on to it.



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