Corferias (exhibition/exposition centre)

by Alex on Jun.30, 2010, under What to do in Bogotá

Carrera 37 No. 24-67
(1) 381-0000 (landline)

To call a landline from a mobile/cell in Colombia prefix the landline number with 03 followed by the region code. For Bogotá prefix with 031

Corferias is massive and puts on trade fairs, exposition, exhibitions and that kind of thing; the best thing on recently was ‘Bodies’ or ‘Bodyworlds‘ as it was when I saw it on London…

Not all the expos are relevant to your average traveller but it’s worth checking here to see what’s on. Cool stuff coming up:

GRAN FIESTA NACIONAL: BICENTENARIO -15th – 25th of July – Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the independence of Colombia – more details here
FERIA DE LAS COLONIAS – 15th – 25th of July – Tour the whole of Colombia in one day
FERIA INTERNACIONAL DEL LIBRO (International book fair) – 11th – 23rd of August – more details here

Find Corferias on the map here

Visit Corferias’s site here

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