Bogotá Beer Company (BBC)

by Alex on Nov.01, 2010, under What to do in Bogotá

BBC is a Bogotá-based brewery with a number of very popular pub-styled bars throughout town. Although a welcome change from the very average lager sold as standard in Colombia, sadly, aficionados will recognise that the beer is not great beer (it is though better than Colón beer in which I think they put actual colons). The best bet for beer lovers is to drink black and tan, a mixture of the porter and red – this tip was given to me by a beer expert who makes what must be the best beer in Colombia. The BBC bars that I’ve been to usually have a great atmosphere and popping in for a pint can often end up in drinking until closing time, just like back home…

BBC bars can be found here:

Carrera 12 no. 83-33
Zona Rosa
(1) 802 6737/802 9762

Calle 85 no. 13-06
Zona Rosa
(1) 805 0105

Carrera 6 no. 119-24
(1) 802 6784

Carrera 11a no. 93-94
Parque 93
(1) 802 6765

Carrera 5 no. 71a-75
(1) 802 8759

Avenida 19 no. 120-74
(1) 743 0497

Torre Suramericana
Avenida Jorge Eliécer Gaitán no. 68b–85 Local C-107
(1) 805 1348

Avenida 19 no. 139-07
(1) 742 7763

Avenida Calle 116 no. 17-78
Pepe Sierra
(1) 475 9120

To call a landline from a mobile/cell in Colombia prefix the landline number with 03 followed by the region code. For Bogotá prefix with 031

Find BBC bars on the map here

Visit BBC’s site here

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