Veg me up baby!

by Alex on Dec.06, 2010, under Blog

So, we’ve got our weekly shop nailed – loving our local market. Czech out the fresh pro-dooce below:


All that for $70,000 pesos – £23.60. Take off the cost of the shroomers and apples (what are very hexpensive here) and you get the rest for £17.50 – not too bad methinks…

That bunch on the left is mint, basil, lemongrass and camomile, for making agua aromatica – a popular herbal infusion here in Bogotá, cost: $1,000 pesos – 34p, which is nice!


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  • Jerry T

    The price of produce amazes me too. Especially the variety. Gotta love the fruit. Did you go to one of the main markets or did you pick that up from a corner store. I love the place down the street from us in La Macarena, but we still go to the plaza de mercado at paloquemao once every week or so.
    If you think apples and mushrooms are expensive, try asking about pinenuts… I almost cried.

    • Alex

      What amazes me more that fresh produce in a local shop is usually cheaper than in the supermarkets, as with many things here it defies basic laws of economics. We shop in the Macarena market too, seems we are neighbours… 1 litre of bleach, $2,400, 1/2 litre of bleach, same brand, $1,100, go figure, as the (North) Americans might say… Can you not get pine nuts at a decent price at Paloquemao?

  • Jerry

    We asked, they said it would be 90000 for 1/2 lb. And I thought they were expensive in teh States…
    Economies of scale are something they absolutely do not understand here. I always end up buying the half kilo bags of flour, because they’re cheaper than anything bigger. Boggles the mind. Do you by any chance know of anyone in the area looking for roommates and/or looking for an apartment? My wife and I need to find a new apartment for the new year, as the landlady and her family are moving back into the apartment. We’ve found a couple nice places in the area, but it’s always easier if we don’t have to provide fiadores, etc.

    • Alex

      Yeah, that is mental, I think I might have seen them in Éxito, they were dear but not that dear… you could try Casa Lis on the séptima, I go there for cardomoms, tumeric, chilli powder and the like.

      Ivor fiend coming for dinner who is looking for a place, that won’t though help you with the fijador issue, we’ve found that some people are amenable to the paying of a heap of rent up front, we paid six months and 150% of the projected utilities and they were fine!

      You don’t live with Robin out of Robin and Duncan in that art deco place on the cuarta with about 29 do you?

      • Jerry

        I haven’t heard of Casa Lis. I’ll have to check it out. I bought all my spices at Paloquemao; haven’t run out yet.
        I think we might have some some fijadores, either that or we’ll be able to work around the issue. Fortunately we’ve been able to meet directly with the owners of all the places that we’re interested in, so we don’t have to deal exclusively with the dreaded real estate agencies. Feel free to put them in touch with us. Here’s a video of one of our frontrunners:
        The places is more than a bit pricy, coming to about 800000 per month per room including utilities and administration.
        I do not live with Robin and Duncan, but I’m friends with Duncan and have met that Robin. When my wife and I first moved to Bogotá, we were the first guests at the hostel that he used to run, and now we play squash together every now and then.

        • Alex

          You know that you can pay someone 20-50k to act as a fijador? My mate found one advertising in a newspaper… I’ve never used an agent, they are shit, I’ve found it best to walk the streets and knock doors where flats are advertised, I’ve also found that many of the numbers in window are those of the owners, it can also be productive to ask in corner shops and local bars, local people tend to be replete with info…

          I’ll ask my mate how much she is prepared to pay, I know she is working here for pretty much free so would guess that 800k is too much…

          Guess just a coincidence on the Robin name, shame what happened to their hostel. Take care man…

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