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I recognised ages ago, when we were still planning to open a hostel, the massive scope that there is in Bogotá for doing an event combining a language and cultural exchange with a decent party. I never thought that it would be us who realised it, but that was before we had a club…

After loads of arsing about (we were going to kick off in November) such as waiting 5 months to have a roof on the club and trying to find someone decent, reliable and affordable to do the art work, we are going to inaugurate ¡Gringo Tuesdays! on the 15th of March.

The launch party will be massive and we are hoping, as well as expecting, that the event will soon establish itself as the thing to do on Tuesdays in Bogotá. The market seems ripe for it – there is nothing much on on Tuesdays here, there are hundreds of backpackers, many of whom are keen to meet locals and practise Spanish and there are millions of friendly locals, many of them wanting to meet foreigners as well as to have an opportunity to practise their English, German, French etc.

Look, we done tickets/flyers:

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And posters (thanks Jaap):


Here is some spiel that I’ll probably change before sending out the publicity stuff:

¡Gringo Tuesdays! is a weekly event to be held at La Villa nightclub, inaugurating on Tuesday the 15th of March.

The concept is to bring together locals, ex-patriots and travellers in a fun atmosphere with the end of promoting an exchange of cultures, experiences and languages, and to throw a big party.

¡Gringo Tuesdays! will offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the cool surrounds of La Villa in which to practise Spanish, English, French, German and whatever other languages want to be spoken, both informally and by way of facilitated conversation groups.

¡Gringo Tuesdays! will put on games and promotions will have a great ‘happy hour’ from 8:00 until 10:00 with two for one beers and gin and tonic, cuba libre and vodka and orange at $10,000.

The happy hour and group events (8:00-10:00) will be accompanied by low background music, allowing guests to focus on getting to know each other practising languages. At 10:00, one of La Villa’s DJs will officially start the ¡Gringo Tuesdays! party, and play through until 3:00. La Villa’s music style is indie, rock and electro (no latin music).

Entry is free until 10:00 at which point a cover of $10,000 will be charged.

As if the above would not be enough to make ¡Gringo Tuesdays! one of the best nights out in Bogotá, we will also have:

  • Cerveza Sierra del Tigre – as good as the real ale back home
  • Marmite and Vegemite on toast – the Brits and Aussies won’t be able to get enough
  • Jägerbombs and Jägertrains – all aboard!
  • Board games and tongue-twisters – red lorry yellow lorry anyone?

La Villa. Kra 14a No.83-56, Zona Rosa. For more details, e-mail

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