Britannia – the British Pub in Bogotá

by Alex on Oct.24, 2011, under Blog, What to do in Bogotá

Britannia is a real British pub with a real British landlord and all the inane banter that that might entail. It’s as traditional as you can get in Bogotá – clearly back home no self-respecting landlord would waste money on waitresses and to my mind a pub can do without TVs but we are in Colombia and with that comes table sevice and perpetual sport. Looking on the bright side you don’t need to expend effort in going to the bar for your next drink and let’s face it, there are a lot of sports fans out there and you only need ask to have your game shown, so long as there is no one bigger and tougher than you wanting to watch something on the other chanel…

We have Sierra del Tigre beer, the best beer by a long way in Bogotá and probably the best in Colombia. We opened with an American Pale Ale, an Irish Red, an American Brown Ale and an IPA, and have recently put on our second batch of IPA, even more hoppy than the first. We have a good range of imported beers and spirits and use decent liquor in our cocktails (many bars have recognised brands on the shelves and use cheap made-in-Colombia vodka, gin etc. for coctails). You will recognise the difference in quality when you drink at Britannia.

On Mondays we entertain our North American cousins with Monday Night Football, we have games night on a Tuesday and a language exchange on Wednesdays – come and chat foreign with the locals. Our after office special Monday to Friday gives you 20% off jugs of beer, bottles (of liquor) and coctails from 4 until 7 and the atmoshere is always friendly – a safe place to come and sit at the bar and chat with the landlord and staff. Every day we do a lunch with either a half pint of beer or a soda for $15,000 –

Britannia is on the 26 on the way from the airport to downtown or vice versa depending on your point of view, in the Marriot Hotel building, full address calle 26 number 69b-53 local 1. There is secure parking under the hotel, really secure with dogs and guns and all that jazz and you get an hour’s free parking when you come to Britannia.

So I suppose I’ll see you here. I tell you what, I’ve had a few Sierra del Tigres and am feeling generous – bring a couple of friends and if you tell me (Alex) that you found out about the pub here I’ll regale you (as they say in Spanish) with some real chips complete with lashings and lashings of salt and vinegar (whether you ask for it or not)…

Find Britannia on the map here

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  • Jerry

    Hey, what’s the best way to get to the bar from the Macarena? (besides cab…) I know better than to hold my breath on that transmi line, so what’s your recommendation?

    • Alex

      Hey Jerry, I’d say walk down the hill to wherever the 26 starts nowadays and take a bus from there, the last time I checked the 26 was running to the decima, maybe it’s open to the septima nowadays – worst case scenario is a 7-10 minute walk to the decima albeit brightened with a stroll though the park. Hope to see you here soon, Alex

  • Caroline

    Hi Alex, I just found your blog through Proexport, it’s nice to hear about another British pub in Bogotá, and especially with mention of chips with salt AND vinegar! Are you still doing games nights on Tuesdays? How are they, traditional pub quiz? I’ll definitely be stopping by soon.

    • Alex

      Hi Caroline.

      Games night was more of an effort to encourage people to hang out and have a few beers over a game of chess, draughts, backgammon, dice, poker, Jenga, other card games etc. I though about a quiz but I don’t think there is the demand for it. That, coupled with the fact that to sort out the questions for a quiz takes not a small amount of effort, had me decide not to bother.

      Let me know when you intend to stop by – I´m not always here.



  • Laurence

    Hi Alex, thanks for this website, really interresting and full of good stuff! I,ll be arriving monday next in Bogota and i,m hoping to visit the place for a week or so before heading to the coast and (of course!) trying your drinks and chips! would you recommande a good cheapish hostal not far from your pub? I,ll be arriving very early and not knowing town, it,ll be a bit tricky to find a decent place! Hope to hear from you, cheers, Lorena

    • Alex

      Hi there.

      Glad you find the site useful, I’ve not had time over the last year to keep it current, which is a shame…

      There are no hostels particularly near to the pub, the pub is on the 26, the road from the airport to the centre (La Candelaria) where most of the hostels are.

      The hostels have 24 hour reception so arriving early should not be a problem, a taxi from the airport to the centre should cost a maximum of $15.000.

      Hostels-wise, try Cranky Croc or Destino Nomada.

      Cheers, Alex

  • carola

    hi alex
    glad to see a real british pub in bogota and owned by a real one! well i would like to chat with you about your experience in bogota and why you decided to open a pub here? have you got foreing costumers? how do you atract they?
    well thank you in advance and hope to know about it soon! cheers

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