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Tiësto in Bogotá

by Alex on Dec.12, 2009, under Blog

T’was the eve of my birthday the dress code white and the destination Parque Jaime Duque, about an hour’s drive north of Bogotá. We had to pay a ‘fine’ of 50,000 pesos when flagged down by the policia as Marty didn’t have his driving license on him and when we got there the parking set up was a shambles, naturally…

I wondered if our ‘VIP’ tickets might get us close to the action and laughed when I realised that a ‘VIP’ ticket in Colombia, at least at a Tiësto concert, holds about as much kudos as does the title ‘Vice President’ when working for a large United Statesian corporate. We were right at the back, platinum ticket-holders in front of us and uberplatinum (or something) in front of them. It was for the best though as we had plenty of space and didn’t have a half hour queue for the toilets.

What a night: we were about 15,000, the music was amazing and the smoke effects were provided by mother nature – the mist rolling across the open-air arena added to the ambience no end though brought with it the distinct threat of hypothermia.

Music-wise, at least electronically-speaking, I’m a bit of a turn-of-the-millennium trance boy, my first favourite of the night was Gouryella then came one of my bestest choons of all time – Silence. The pièce de résistance was Barbers Adagio for Strings with a firework accompaniment. The fact that you see me dancing hands in pockets at the end of the video below is reflective of the fact that it was freakin’ freezing, it’s neither a sign of apathy nor lack of enjoyment! Stick with the video ’til the end for the fireworks. Oh and a special thanks to Travis for spending so much time finding the worst possible photo of me for the vid x.

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